Safety 1st

Project Scenario

Safety 1st had a CMS website on the Salsify platform and wanted to integrate it to Magento® Enterprise. By moving to a Magento® platform it would allow Safety 1st to transition to an ecommerce website. Also, the company wanted to integrate Power Reviews and Zendesk into their new Magento® Enterprise website. Safety 1st is a multinational brand which brought the challenge of creating different sites for the 8 different countries they operate in.

The Result

PPWD created a custom integration between Magento® and Salsify enabling Safety 1st to manage their product catalog from Salsify and have those changes be reflected in Magento® Enterprise. We also created a unique Power Review integration and a custom Zendesk integration to enable Safety 1st to achieve all of their goals. There is always more to do as this is an ongoing project as we work with Safety 1st to grow and manage their multinational Magento® websites.

Safety 1st
Safety 1st

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